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What are BitCats?

BitCats have originally been created for a video game with the working Title 'Wizard Cat'. It was featuring the first design of what is now called a BitCat.

Wizard Cat, the original character and first NFT from the BitCats collection

The first BitCat

Now the BitCats live forever on the Ethereum Blockchain as handmade pixel art NFTs stored as ERC1155 tokens. Each BitCat is unique, some are out of this world, they are playful, others more mischievous. They all have their own personality and are highly collectible. Only 81 original BitCats some special editions have ever been minted.


BitCats feature a variety of different colors, gadgets like Hats or suits and backgrounds. The 18x18 sprites are scaled up to 1800x1800 GIF to ensure a high resolution across all devices. The animation consists out of 6 frames.

A variety of BitCats featuring different backgrounds, bodies, hats and gadgets

Inspiration for BitCats comes from many places. Reference from a variety of media and projects can be found in the BitCats collection. Mainly the pixel art style from game boy games, collectible cards, Pokemon, Adventure Time, famous artist like Andy Warhol, Crypto Punks and many others influenced the creation of BitCats.

They try to bring back a bit the joy of early pixel art games, as well memories of countless hours with a Game Boy catching and collecting stuff. They are a virtual companion that should be a nice thing to own. Something you can just look at and enjoy as it is. A cute pixel art cat.

The original BitCats NFT Collection consist now out of 81 unique handmade BitCat NFTs + 10 Special Editions. On December 14th, 6pm UTC GenBitCats will launch!


Each BitCat comes in a different rarity. The rarity is visible through the color of the frame. Possible rarities include Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. There can also be some special edition BitCats.

Here is the rarity with the matching frame color.


BitCat Cowboiy #3


BitCat Chef #3


BitCat Blacky Red Cap #4


BitCat One Eyed Miked #5


The original BitCats Collection contains the following amount of Cats for each Rarity and the associated price:

Legendary 4 (Ξ0.1)
Epic 8 (Ξ0.033)
Rare 15 (Ξ0.02)
Uncommon 19 / (Ξ0.0125)
Common 13 35 / (Ξ0.0077)
Special Edition 12 (Ξ0.02)

Overall, BitCats are designed to be quite scarce, with only 91 different NFTs that have ever been minted in the collection.

As of August 2021, there are still about half of the BitCats left for adoption. If you read this, you can still get them for the mint price. All four legendary BitCats have already been picked up. Click here to browse the last available BitCats on OpenSea.

About the creator

Hi there, I am Vincent, a 27-year-old Digital Artist. For over 10 years I am doing all kinds of creative things, from 2D/3D animation, over painting to web design. In 2020, I was working on a pixel art game and in the process created the first BitCat.

Back then, I didn't know anything about NFTs. Only by the end of February 2021 I created my first BitCat NFT, the Wizard Cat. It has been a crazy ride since then, and I am very excited about what the future for NFTs holds.

What I really like about creating BitCats, is the challenge to work with a tiny 16x16px Canvas.  It forces me to be very minimalistic and to put as much detail as possible in such a little space, which can be quite though.

I also just really like cats, and creating them as cute pixel art characters is quite nice.

You can see more of my work here.


What is a NFT?


A NFT or non-fungible token, is a token that exists on the Blockchain. It is open for everyone to see, who created it, who owns it and who sold it to whom. NFTs allow ownership of digital art, digital collectibles and a variety of other digital media.

What is the Blockchain?


The Blockchain is a decentralized computer network, that allows everyone to see everything what is happening. All data and transactions are transparent, and you can always see who owned what token. There are many Blockchains with different tokens. BitCats exist on the Ethereum Blockchain and you need Ethereum to purchase BitCats. To purchase Ethereum, you need a Crypto Wallet.

What is a Crypto Wallet?


To purchase BitCats or any other NFT you need cryptocurrency. To hold and transfer cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, you need what is called a wallet. It's a unique address that allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies and NFTs. You can have the same wallet on your phone and computer. You can even have offline wallets and store them in a bank safe. Personally I use the Coinbase wallet, which I can warmly recommend.

How can I buy BitCats?


To purchase BitCats, you need a Wallet and funds on that wallet. With that wallet you can sign in to OpenSea, a NFT marketplace where BitCats are being minted and sold. Once signed in you can simply purchase your desired BitCat through the OpenSea marketplace. Here you can learn more about that.

What is minting?


Minting a NFT is the process that creates the individual token on the Blockchain. Once its minted, its open for everyone to see.

What is gas fee?


For every action that is happening on the blockchain, like buying a token, sending a token, minting a token and everything else, there is a gas fee, that needs to be paid.

Why should I buy NFTs?


NFTs are a great way to support artists directly and over the long term. Certain NFT can also hold a great investment potential comparable to valuable art pieces. Overall NFTs are an exciting new Market and worth exploring.

Where do I see my BitCats?


You can see your purchased BitCats in your Wallet or on marketplaces likes OpenSea.

What can I do with my BitCats?


Firstly, you can truly own them. That's something that was no possible for digital art and the blockchain is allowing this now. Then you can just collect them, like trading cards or toy figures. You can trade and sell them.

Owning a BitCat from the original collection, will allow you to mint two free GenBitCats.

Browse the Collection

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The full original BitCats collection in one Special Edition NFT