How to buy BitCat NFTs

In this article, you will learn how you can very easily buy BitCats NFTs and any other NFT on OpenSea.

What do you need to start?

To buy BitCats and any other NFT, it is necessary, that you have your own Ethereum Wallet. Personally I use the Coinbase Wallet and can recommend it to everyone who has never used any wallet whatsoever. Click here you register your Coinbase Wallet.

Beside the Wallet, you need to add funds to it, to buy any BitCat or NFT. Adding funds can be done easily via Coinbase. For BitCats and OpenSea, you need Ethereum.

What are NFTs?

Maybe you have never heard of a NFTs and wonder what the heck this is all about. Basically a NFT is a Digital Token which you can own. Everyone can see excatly who created the token, who owned it when and who sold it to whom for what.

The underlying Blockchain technology makes that possible. It is a digital thing you can own. For a further explanation about NFTs, I can recommend you my Video about the Topic, you can find here.

Now we have this out of the way, lets take a look at how you can buy your first BitCat NFT.

How to buy BitCat NFTs step by step

1. Browse all minted BitCats on When you found one you like, just click the "View More" Button.

2. When you have found a BitCat you want to buy, click on the Listings on OpenSea, to be forwarded. You can use this link to sign up there with your wallet.

3. On OpenSea, you can view the NFT Listing and all Information connected to the particular NFT. The Name, Price, Description, Properties, who created it and the market history.

To buy the BitCat NFT, simply click the "Buy Now" Button.

Side note, every BitCat is released with a fixed price which is depended on the Rarity. When the initial BitCats are sold out, they can be listed on the market for any Price. Here is an overview over the BitCat Rarity and Prices:

- Legendary = 1 (Ξ1);
- Epic = 3 (Ξ0.33);
- Rare = 5 (Ξ0.2);
- Uncommon = 8 (Ξ0.125);
- Common = 13 (Ξ0.077);

4. In the next step you have to sign in on OpenSea with your choosen Wallet. If you use the Coinbase Wallet, click on the WalletLink Box in the middle.

5. When you are signed in and click on the "Buy Now" Button, this popup will come where you can select to check out or Add Funds. After that, you sign the contract, pay the fee and get the NFT in your wallet.

With these 5 easy steps, you can get your first BitCats with ease.