The Original BitCats NFT Collection is Completed

81 Unique BitCats NFTs in one Pixel Art Collection

I am excited to announce that the original BitCats Collection now complete. In total, there are 81 unique BitCats + 11 Special Editions. As of now, BitCats have been traded for 0.87 Etherum and there are 28 owners. That's a small but very fine collector base, and I am grateful for everyone, who already has collected a BitCat.

It was an exciting journey and a lot of stuff has happened between starting the collection in March 2021 until now. There has been ups and downs, but overall I am still amazed by NFTs and the whole new world that has opened up. For BitCats, this is only the beginning, and I am using the base I have created now to build up on it.

What's next for BitCats?

I have learned a lot from launching different other NFT projects over the last few months and try to implement all of that into BitCats. Exciting times lay ahead, as there are plenty of cool assets available to create an almost unlimited amount of cute and diverse BitCats. I am expanding on that base and try to create an amazing collection with a unique BitCat for everyone. As I created more and more BitCats, I really learned to enjoy the process and was always happy to see what kind of unique Cats can come out of this tiny 16x16 px space.

Sneak peek of samples for new BitCats

Rewards for early Adopters

Early BitCats adopters will definitely be rewarded, and I am planning on making BitCats a household name in the NFT space. As there are only 81 unique original BitCats, the club of early owners will be very small. So try to get one as there are still some original BitCats available on OpenSea ;)

Also, applications outside just being cute collectibles is something that will be impletmented for the BitCats eventually. Since the original BitCat Wizard #1 was created for a video game, this is something that might happen sometime, a BitCats video game.

These are just some early ideas and the collection will develop as it grows. I won't promise anything right now and will go with the flow.

Again, I am very grateful for everyone who already collected a BitCat. If you haven't, make sure to check out the last available on OpenSea here.